User Experience Deployment

Deploying the SmartPlan front end for your participants requires adding just a few lines of code to your existing website. Rather than deploying application code and assets to your network, the SmartPlan application runs in an iframe embedded onto your page.

SmartPlan is designed to run in a standard web browser using Flash player 9 or later (or, alternatively, any HTML5-compatible browser without Flash), and an internet connection speed of at least 128kb. When connected to a recordkeeping database, SmartPlan can be deployed in a secure environment, behind a login page.

  • Microsoft Windows XP v2002 SP2, or later
  • Macintosh OS X 10.x
  • 512MB RAM
  • Web browser (IE 6, Firefox 2, Safari 3, or later)
  • Flash 9 player plugin or HTML5-compatible browser
  • Connection speed: 128kb or greater recommended

Additional information regarding SmartPlan technology and data security is available.