A Proven Solution

The SmartPlan solution generates measurable results for providers, sponsors, and advisors — including cost savings, greater participation, increased assets under management, and ancillary business such as rollovers.

Statistics generated by SmartPlan Enterprise since its introduction reflect the powerful effect it has on employee engagement in their retirement plans.

  • Higher Deferrals: New participants enrolling through SmartPlan choose an average deferral rate of 9.3% — compared to 6.9% national average.        
  • Increased Contributions: Existing participants that revisit their plan through SmartPlan are increasing their contributions by 2.3 percentage points, on average.
  • Structured Investments: Over 80% of participants in SmartPlan are choosing the plan's model funds and target-date funds.
  • Increased Participation: Providers report a jump in participation from 50% to 90% for plans using SmartPlan.