Training: Administration, Marketing, Sales

vWise provides extensive training to our client teams on how to access and use our administration portal, which includes functionality to customize each plan's version of vWise SmartPlan Enterprise. Our administration portal also includes a number of marketing outreach resources. Standard training sessions include:

  • Administration portal training conducted through webcast, to cover how to use and customize SmartPlan, set up plans and best practices in terms of vAd placement, banner ads and links to drive participants to access SmartPlan.
  • Sales and Marketing training conducted through webcast, to train sales staff on benefits and features of system, as well as make them aware of outreach and marketing materials available to promote SmartPlan. Training includes a tour of the client version of SmartPlan with an eye towards selling the application. We cover why the system is effective, why we built it the way we did and the benefits of having a hosted, interactive video application over a text heavy application.

We recognize that every client is different and will customize a training program that works best for your business model. Just let us know what your needs are and we will adjust our training to work for you.