Multimedia Outreach Campaigns

While the SmartPlan interactive-video user interface is the most visible aspect of a comprehensive solution to engage participants, outreach is the engine that truly drives the system. And because outreach is such an important part of what makes SmartPlan Enterprise so effective, our team works closely with each client to devise and implement an optimal outreach program.

You can use the integrated email and video outreach templates, or we can customize a campaign with your content. HTML email templates for SmartPlan Enterprise can be dropped into your existing outreach workflow, or as an optional, additional service our client services team can handle all aspects of an email campaign, from creation through fulfillment.

When SmartPlan is launched within the plan website, video hosts offer a video overview of plan features — such as auto-enrollment, matching contributions, and loans — that is customizable for each employer's plan. Using simple interactive forms, our video hosts then guide participants through a complete plan enrollment or update process, including individual retirement needs and risk tolerance surveys, selection of investments and deferrals by percentage of pay or dollar amount.

If you choose to use our campaign management services, our client services team will work with you to devise an email outreach program that suits your particular goals and requirements. Email campaigns can be automated to deliver promotions on a pre-determined schedule, such as the launch of a new plan or during an enrollment period, or in response to participant visits to the SmartPlan Enterprise user experience.

Video Ads
SmartPlan Enterprise also includes short video "ads" — we call them "vAds" — that can be placed on any website. These short promotions can include embedded links to the SmartPlan user experience or the participant login page.

The vAd runs in an alpha channel, giving it the appearance of floating over the web page on which it runs, and minimizing the amount of space it requires. Standard vAds include short descriptions of SmartPlan and its benefits, with a call-to-action to click on the SmartPlan link in the participant website. vAd content can be developed to suit custom requirements or client marketing campaigns. Our client services team can work with you to devise an effective vAd strategy.

Print Promotion
In addition to email and vAds, SmartPlan Enterprise clients can choose from a library of ready-made print promotions, such as postcards, posters, and payroll stuffers. All print promotions are customized with the provider branding and contact information, and are available in high resolution format, suitable for offset printing. Original source files can also be provided, to allow your marketing team to modify the documents as desired.

The print promotions that are included as part of a standard implementation of SmartPlan Enterprise include:

  • Data sheet
  • Highlights (one page)
  • Poster
  • Payroll flier
  • Postcard
  • PowerPoint presentation

As an additional service, our client services team can work with you to create custom print promotion materials, using your messaging and artwork, and adhering to your brand standards.