Fostering a Virtuous Cycle of Employee Engagement

SmartPlan is a system of multimedia outreach and rich internet applications that fosters a virtuous cycle of enhanced employee engagement in the retirement plan.

SmartPlan Enterprise is designed to act as an ongoing system of plan promotion, utilizing multimedia outreach — email, video, and print — to drive participants to the interactive-video SmartPlan experience inside the participant website. Once participants complete their plan enrollment or updates through SmartPlan, the system retains non-personally identifiable data about their choices, which can be used as the basis for further promotion and engagement.


Additionally, SmartPlan Enterprise can be used to host electronic copies of Summary Plan Documents and other plan materials, reducing printing and mailing costs and helping to fulfill a provider's fiduciary duty, by recording and storing all participant interactions. And SmartPlan Enterprise can be fully integrated with the provider database, facilitating automated user enrollment and updates. (See the Technology section for more information about database integration.)